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Celtic Fervour series of Historical Romantic Adventures.
I'd like to thank all readers who helped make the launch of Book 2 of my Celtic Fervour series of historical romantic adventures, AFTER WHORL: BRAN REBORN, a wonderful success. The Facebook launch party was exhausting but great fun! In case you missed out on that excitement here's the blurb for AFTER WHORL: BRAN REBORN (Crooked Cat Publishing)
Ravaged by war
…AD 71. After the battle at Whorl, Brennus of Garrigill is irrevocably changed.
Returning to Marske, Ineda finds her grandmother dead, though Brennus is not. Snared by a Roman patrol, they are marched to Witton where he is forced to labour for the Roman IX Legion.
Embracing his new identity as Bran, Brennus vows to avert Roman occupation of northernmost Brigantia. Ineda becomes his doughty spying accomplice, though sometimes she’s too impetuous. Trading with the Romans lends excellent opportunities for information gathering. Over time, Bran’s feelings for Ineda mar with his loyalty to Ineda’s father.
When she disappears, and cannot be found, Bran enters direct service with Venutius, King of the Brigantes.

Praise for After Whorl: Bran Reborn in Amazon UK reviews;
"Nancy Jardine has done a superb job in creating such a vivid and believable story against a background in which neither history nor archaeology provides much solid material to work with. As in The Beltane Choice, historical figures such as Governor Cerialis and the Brigantian king, Venutius, remain in the shadows, the light shining instead on the hopes and fears of ordinary people; the work itself, a triumph of narrative clarity over historical obscurity."

I really appreciate the time taken by reviewers, like the above Dr. Mark Patton, who let me know what they think of my writing. Since I do aim to make a better blend of historical fiction with lots of accurate historical detail, and romantic historical adventure in my Celtc Fervour series, I love hearing that a reader has appreciated my intentions. I'd really value finding out how you have found my novels, too. An email message, or a review on Amazon or Goodreads would be excellent and very welcome. (

I'm very excited to say that Book 3 of the Celtic Fervour series, AFTER WHORL: DONNING DOUBLE CLOAKS is due in Spring 2014.

Other fantastic news is that my ancestral based mystery thriller, TOPAZ EYES, has been nominated for the THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE Fiction 2014 (winter).

The VOTING for this quarter year runs from 1st Dec 2013 to the end of February (28th) 2014, so there's still time to place your vote.

This prestigious prize is voted on by members of the PUBLIC, there's no panel of judges involved, so every vote cast counts to promote my publisher Crooked Cat Publishing as well as my novel, TOPAZ EYES. Getting nominated is fabulous, but going through to the finals would be amazing!

Please click on the image to take you to the relevant voting page on THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE 2014. (Registering to place your vote is easy and is only to prevent multiple voting for one book by any individual. You won't receive SPAM emails.)  The page for TOPAZ EYES is also HERE.

Until my next updates, I wish you a Happy 2014 and wonderful reading!

My novels are all available from my author page on Amazon UK  and on  They are also available from B&N  Smashwords and the Crooked Cat Bookstore

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